Sierra Leone


The jungle hospital

Masanga Hospital is placed in the northern part of the West African country; Sierra Leone. Originally it was a hospital for leprosy patients and in the 1960’s the Seventh-day Adventist Church managed it, but the hospital quickly obtained reputation of being one of the best hospitals in the country. From 1991 to 2002 Sierra Leone was affected by a devastating civil war during which Masanga hospital was damaged beyond repair and in 1997 the hospital had to close down. Almost 10 years later in 2006, the Danish doctor and surgeon Peter Bo Jørgensen agreed with the government of Sierra Leone to re-establish and rebuilt the hospital. Since the re-opening more than 100 000 patients have been treated at the hospital. In 2012 more than 17 000 outpatients were treated, around 4000 patients were admitted to the hospital and more than 1000 surgeries were performed. In addition 526 new children were born in the maternity ward of the hospital.

Hospital pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy at Masanga hospital manages and distributes medication to the patients. At the hospital the medication is packed for the admitted patients and distributed to the outpatients. The pharmacy is run daily by 5 locally educated assistant nurses, who have a great responsibility since it is their job to make sure that the patients receive the right medication at the right time and in the correct dose.

In addition the pharmacy shares the responsibilities of logistics and purchasing of new medication. To keep the expenses for medication low and to ensure that the patients only get the medication they need to get better, there is intensified focus on economics and rational use of medication. By means of communication with the patients, the pharmacy also works to improve how the medication is used and to strengthen the collaboration across different occupational groups at the hospital.


Collaboration between MHRP and PwB-DK

In October 2013 Pharmacists without Borders (PwB-DK) signed a cooperative agreement with Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project (MHRP) regarding the operation of the development of the hospital pharmacy. The hospital pharmacy continuously seeks volunteers, who can assist with the daily operation through education and capacity strengthening of the employees at the hospital pharmacy.

From February to May 2013 a Danish pharmacy student, Signe Helmudt Madsen, worked as a volunteer at the hospital and from February to August 2014 Tina Holst Nielsen was in Sierra Leone. Tina worked to improve the information given to the patients and the patient safety at the hospital.

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