Book a presentation

Pharmacists without Borders DK is happy to give presentations for interested groups within or outside the pharmaceutical sector.

The presentations will include a basic introduction to the organisation and one or more of our projects. The presentation will usually be given by two representatives. This makes it possible to discuss the bigger perspectives of our work, and to elaborate on our active projects.

In order to provide insight into our work, our presentations include interesting and thought-provoking images from the reality, which our projects arise from.

We can adjust the presentation after your wishes. However, in most cases, it will have the following structure:

  • Introduction to Pharmacists without Borders DK
  • Elaboration on one of our projects
  • Perspectives

Hopefully, the presentation will give rise to a dialogue about the challenges and the importance of our work.

The charge of a presentation varies and depends on the extent and the amount of preparation. The fee will go directly to the work of the organisation.

If you or your company/organisation are interested in a visit from a couple of representatives from Pharmacists without Borders DK, please contact us with your request at